Tuesday March 28th, 2006 Meeting - Austin Java Users Group

JAAS - A Quick Introduction and How to get Real Use Out of the Java Authentication and Authorization Service by Michael Cote

Speaker - Michael Cote

Cote© is an analyst at RedMonk covering enterprise software, specializing in systems management, application development, collaborative, and social software.

In addition to focusing on shipping product, Coté spent much of his time at previous organizations specifying and improving development and collaborative processes. At each company, he quickly became a thought leader in not only the product's development, but also the use of technologies such as wikis, weblogs, RSS, search, and other collaborative and social ideas and software. Before starting his RedMonk weblog, PeopleOverProcess.com, he shared much of his experience on his weblog DrunkAndRetired.com and in his weekly podcasts.

A case study in implementing a Java free open source stack by Jeremy Kraybill and Jeremy Thomerson

Presentation Abstract

Two members of eBay's CARad team walk through their experiences in gradually evolving a well-established, high-volume eBay application built on Macromedia ColdFusion 5, Visual Basic and SQL stored procedures to a Tomcat/Spring/Hibernate/Freemarker/Tapestry/Axis architecture, while maintaining very high uptime, increasing site stability and introducing new functionality and products.

Topics covered will include real-world experiences in implementing Spring DAO support, evolving build and automated testing procedures, building applications on eBay's public Web Services API, application uptime monitoring, creating a re-usable, scalable domain layer, and many small lessons learned along the way.

Speaker - Jeremy Kraybill

Jeremy Kraybill manages the CARad group, an eBay subsidiary in Austin. He has spent nine years managing web application development projects. Prior to eBay, Jeremy worked for two enterprise software startup companies in Austin, and before that had an independent web consulting practice in Australia. Jeremy's professional interests include enterprise open source, consumer web applications, usability, and the application design process.

Speaker - Jeremy Thomerson

Jeremy Thomerson works in Austin for eBay on the CARad development team. He was one of the original developers of CARad.com, a startup that became the top listing tool for eBay Motors and was acquired eBay in early 2003. Since mid-2004, Jeremy has been heavily involved in migrating the CARad application (both the user-facing web site and many backend processes) away from the former ColdFusion 5, VB, and C# technology to a Spring / Hibernate / Tapestry / Axis architecture. When he's away from the office, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his wife and programming personal projects, as well as contributing to interesting open source projects such as Cobertur http://cobertura.sourceforge.net

Location & Time:

Meeting from 7 - 9 PM Li'l Tex Auditorium in the Commons Building (# 137) located at 10100 Burnet Road, near the southwest corner of Burnet Road and Braker Lane on the University of Texas J. J. Pickle Research Campus.
(Networking follows at the
Baby Accapulco on Stonelake Blvd)


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