Tuesday February 22nd, 2011 Meeting - Austin Java Users Group

If you know JSF, You know Portlet:
Bridging the web divide using JBoss PortletBridge
Prabhat Jha

RedHat is providing free pizza at 6:30 PM.


The JBoss Portlet Bridge (or JBPB for short) is a non-final draft implementation of the JSR-329 specification which supports the JSF 1.2 runtime within a JSR 286 portlet and with added enhancements to support other web frameworks (such as Seam and RichFaces). It allows any Java developer to get started quickly with their JSF web application running in a portal environment. In this talk, we will talk about some main features of the specification and understand the details of how bridge JSF life cycle and Portlet life cycle align. We will end with some cool demo and code walk though that shows JSF, Richfaces and Seam in action in a portal environment.

About the Speaker

Prabhat Jha is currently a principal engineer at JBoss, by Red Hat for past 4 and half years. He currently splits his time working on Richfaces and JBoss's portal project called GateIn and its supported version Enterprise Portal Platform. He also runs a non-profit organization called Eejot, an organization primarily to help with education in remote villages of Nepal, his native country. Prabhat maintains a blog and is on twitter as prabhatjha and yahoo/gtalk as prabhat143.

Location & Time:

Meeting from 7 - 9 PM Li'l Tex Auditorium in the Commons Building (# 137) located at 10100 Burnet Road, near the southwest corner of Burnet Road and Braker Lane on the University of Texas J. J. Pickle Research Campus.


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